Ultrasound (1Mhz & 3Mhz)

In Cenosis, we choose to select ultrasound machine with therapeutic frequency of 1 MHz for body and 3 MHz for face. This is best accepted for body and face slimming respectively.

1 MHz frequency is used for Body and 3 MHz frequency is used for Face. Due to its high density technology and effectiveness in slimming and contouring, It would need to be operated only by the Physiotherapists due to the National Environment Agency (NEA) licensing rules in Singapore. Each of Cenosis Ultrasound machine has a N2 license registered from National Environment Agency. And only our professional team of Physiotherapists will administer this machine.

Ultrasound machine mobilizes fat cells. Due to mobilization it leads to oxygenation of cells and the Dilation of the blood vessels, thus improving the arterial and venous micro circulation in between the fat cells. The machine speed up the metabolic rate.