Short-Wave Infra-Red Rays

Short wave infra red rays has a wavelength ranging from 770nm-4000nm. Short -Wave Infra-Red comprises wavelengths between 760 and 1500 nm. Such short wave, or near, IR radiation can penetrate to deeper layers (up to 4-5cm), raising the temperature of the target tissue.

Short Wave Infra-Red has outstanding effect on caloric consumption and weight control. It is operated by both long wave and short wave infra red. It burns 600 to 2,400 calories in a 30 minutes session. It also softens stubborn fat and cellulite at the same time. It stimulate the consumption of energy equal to that used in a 6 to 9 miles (11km to 17km) run during only a single session.

Our aesthetics slimming team has been trained extensively to operate these infra red rays to deliver optimum slimming and contouring results to all customers.