Medium Frequency Current

The Medium Frequency Current is originated from Korea. It combines different methods of therapy which work together effectively to obtain the desired results.

Medium Frequency Current (3500Hz):

Variations of frequency are customized for different targeted problems. With a frequency of 3500Hz, feeling of muscular contraction is much stronger. With the strong contraction of muscles, it helps lymph flow effectively to remove toxins and impurities that had accumulated in our body. With 7 different Medium Frequency Current (3500Hz) Programs with different types of current modulations to effectively target different problems to achieve a desired slim, lift, tightened and toned body.

Medium Frequency Electric Heating Pad:

Heat Therapy at 38 C will be therapeutic and soothing. Heat relaxes the muscles and increases the flow of blood. With the increase of blood flow, cells will be able to receive more nutrients and oxygen that helps to increase cell metabolic rate. Wastes are removed faster to prepare tissue metabolism so as to activate effectively for the Thermal Heat Treatment that would be applied at the next stage.