Acoustic Radial Wave (7Hz & 10Hz)

Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy utilizes a high-pressure wave that passes through the dermal region to impact the fibrous hardening of collagen tissues, one of the factors in the formation of Cellilite. By targeting the dermal region, Acoustic Wave Therapy enables the release the skin resulting in a smoother appearance of the skin’s surface.

Cenosis ARWT is a professional system for cellulite & body firming treatments. The pressure of the Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy ranges from 1-5bar with the frequency of the pulses at 7Hz and 10Hz. Shock wave also initiates a biochemical process like the release of Nitric Oxide to improve the micro-circulation. This combats the root cause of cellulite. Plus, it delivers acoustic pulses of 7Hz and 10Hz. Each pulse has a energy of 60mJ, 90 mJ, 120 mJ. Each of the energy is destined to combat different stages of cellulite.

Cenosis ARWT is the most effective solution to eliminating the stubborn and ugly cellulite.