Committed to ensuring your slimming products are safe.

A long and unparalleled track record of product and consumer safety.


Cenosis is honored to have Dr Jacob Vromen as our exclusive Research & Development Consultant. He has given Cenosis full support in developing effective and safety tested slimming and skin care products.

Dr Vromen, a French, is the owner of a research and development laboratory and manufacturing facility that was established in 1981. He holds a PH.D in organic chemistry. He worked under contract with the United Nation and set up factories in many developing countries.

He has spent 25 years in advance skin care, transdermal drug delivery research, development and manufacturing. He also works with the Australian government's scientific and industrial research organization's pharmaceutical and human health division and the Federation Internationale De Cosmetology (France).

Till date, he has invented many patented products such as papaya enzymes, Ppslim, anti fat serum, stretch mark serum and many more.