Since 2002 to 2009

Slimming Challenge Campaigns:

First In Singapore

The Slimming Challenge Campaign is an island-wide woman's event. It is not an ordinary contest as there are no slim and exotic bodies, no international celebrities but just ordinary ladies and most importantly no photos taken ages ago verses current ones.

1st Slimming Challenge in Year 2002 - Suntec City (Outside Carrefour)

Our first Slimming Challenge was held in year 2002 where 5 ordinary women took up the extraordinary challenge. Like what many motivational speakers had said, you will change only when you want to. These ladies want to change how they look; they want to look great and confident.

2nd Slimming Challenge in Year 2003 - Suntec City (Galleria Foyer)

Another 5 lucky contestants were chosen from thousands of participants to take part in the Slimming Challenge 2003 campaign.

3rd Slimming Challenge in Year 2004

Due to the overwhelming response from our previous slimming challenge, this year we made it BIGGER!! 5 contestants were selected for the challenge and had a chance to take on Cenosis' SSES (Slimming Safety Enhancement System) for a 2 ½ months duration.

4th Slimming Challenge in Year 2005 - Toa Payoh Hub

Back by popular demand and with proven results, Cenosis' 4th Slimming Challenge received thousands of application! 6 lucky ladies were chosen to participate in this challenge and experienced 3 months of Cenosis' newest ESplus (Enhancement System Plus) slimming programme. We launched this slimming challenge together with Malaysia and has delivered more amazing results compared with our past years record! A record-breaking result of a total loss of more than 143kg and 1179kg with these 6 ladies!

6th Slimming Challenge in Year 2008 - Suntec City

In June 2008, Cenosis had a breakthrough of new event concept by building a Cenosis Slimming Glass House at Suntec City. The public are allowed to see the entire process of slimming treatments done by our 2 challengers, Mary and Elizabeth. The event has generated news coverage by various media including news on national TV channel.

7th Slimming Challenge in Year 2009 - Suntec City

Cenosis is very proud to launch the second Glass House Challenge at Suntec City, Galleria Atrium (outside exit of City Link) on the 17th July 2009.
We have invited Popstar Media Artist, Ms. Meixin in our glass house slimming challenge. Meixin was in Taiwan for an audition for a series when the director wanted her to slim down her arms and thighs. Understanding that arms and thighs are the hardest body parts to slim down, Cenosis is very honoured to be able to help her out with our range of technology available at Cenosis

On top of Meixin, we also have Winnie, a Senior Executive who also blogs about her daily life and musings. She will be updating her blog on a regular basis about her experience at Cenosis Glass House at There were also other 2 contestants Stephanie, a legal secretary and Elaine, a sales consultant.

For the challenge, we had also showcased our latest Cavitation technology that everyone is raving about. During this one month event, the public that came by the glass house had more understanding about the various slimming technologies and services available in Cenosis.